Welcome to my website

As you can see, I’ve loaded my website down with content! LOL!

The truth is I just got it set up and am making edits to allow content to be shown here as well. It won’t be anything special but maybe I can have some of your content linked too and give back as much as I receive!

Thank you all for your kindness and support while I try to do techno stuff!


  1. Steve Deem

    Nice job on getting the site up and running!

    • OldBikerDude

      Thanks Steve. I’m laughing my head off at this comment. Obviously you noticed I was nowhere near ready for this to start happening. LOL.
      We’ll have much more on the site soon, including more vlog stuff, categories, info and the like. I’ve even got plans to begin a “Find Old Biker Dude” game for members and followers to play trying to find and tag me in my travels. We’re going to have some fun with this.
      Thanks for the support.
      (Old Biker Dude)

  2. Mark Domotor

    Awesome !

    • OldBikerDude


  3. Paul Brooks

    Hey bud. Been watchin your vid’s. I’m located in Waynesville NC. Live here with my dogs and wife. If you ever need a place to shelter and rest. Look me up. Always love your dreams bud.

    • OldBikerDude

      Hey Paul,
      Just spent 4 days up there recently. I live down here around Toccoa, GA. I ride up there in that area all the time. Maybe we’ll bump into each other. Please feel free to walk up and say Hi if you see me anywhere.
      Sure appreciate the support, brother.

  4. Belen Link

    Hey Old Biker Dude, I love your Channel, thank you for share your thoughts and adventures.
    Love and Peace.

    • OldBikerDude

      Well, thank you, Belen. I appreciate that and than you for your support

  5. Pam

    Hi old biker dude!

    Just wanted to say hello and I hope you are enjoying your adventures. If you see a cool bug, tell it I said hi!

    Good luck and safe travels!

    • OldBikerDude

      Will do. Thanks Pam. I appreciate your support very much

  6. Kurt

    Stumbled across your YouTube channel on reddit and I am amazed at your positive spirit and free wheeling attitude. I’ve been wanting to motocamp for years now but life has always found a way of postponing my plans. I am glad you are getting to live your dream and experience the open road and what our great country has to offer in the outdoors! Keep up the content! We are living vicariously through you!

    • OldBikerDude

      Thanks, Kurt. If anything I’m doing provides a little vehicle of escape for you occasionally, I’m happy to have been able.
      Brother, I appreciate each and every supporter, the kind words and your great attitude.
      Have a great day. And hey, the time will come, bro.
      Old Biker Dude

  7. Carl from Canada

    You rock old biker dude. Keep on keeping on.

    • OldBikerDude

      Thanks, Carl. I appreciate the support very much.

  8. Young Biker Dude

    Nice bike dude

    • OldBikerDude

      Young Biker Dude,
      What’s up, man. Thanks. I love my Indian Chief Vintage, it’s a great bike. The Thunderstroke 111 is a great engine and tugs my Power Wagon up and down the mountains with ease.
      I appreciate you dropping in and your support.

  9. Zac

    Hi Biker Dude. I found you on YouTube and thought I’d come by to say hi!

    • OldBikerDude

      Thanks Zac. Appreciate the visit, bro. And I appreciate the support.

  10. Kara

    Congrats on all the subscribers, Emmett! Keep ROCKIN & ROLLIN!

    • OldBikerDude

      Thanks, Kara. Rock on

  11. Angel DJ

    Happy trails Old Biker Dude! God Bless!!!

    • OldBikerDude

      Thanks Angel.

  12. unwanted_soul

    hey old biker dude just saw you video and i love those hope you travel the whole country with joy. hope you will get more content and post videos consistently.

    • OldBikerDude

      Thank you for your supprt

  13. Tracy CA

    Your videos are just wholesome joy! My Dad drove a tanker for most of his life and enjoyed a good trout now and again. He’d say you are livin’ the life, following your passions, so keep the videos coming! Keep the sunny side up!!

    • OldBikerDude

      I was a truck driver over half my working life, Tracy. Probably passed him on the highway. Thanks for the encouraging words and your support. I appreciate it very much.

  14. Jazz

    The internet was made for things like this! Best of luck Old Biker Dude. Looking forward to seeing where this strange ride takes us.

    • OldBikerDude

      Wow Jazz, you ain’t kidding. Been a crazy few days!
      Hey man, thank you for the support. I appreciate it very much!!!!

  15. Bilal

    Best YouTuber with the best website

    • OldBikerDude

      Thanks Bilal. I really appreciate the words of encouragement and your support. Stay tuned

  16. RYAN

    Hello from Ireland, love your videos, keep up the good woirk and happy travels to you!

    • OldBikerDude

      Thanks Ryan. Sure do appreciate your support and hope you’ll stay tuned to watch my You Tube videos.

  17. Brandi

    Hey OBD! Watching from out in Madison, Wisconsin and appreciating the company on a slow work day. Keep these stories coming 🙂

    • OldBikerDude

      Thanks Brandi. Always loved Madison. Used to go there often when I was younger while working as a truck driver hauling cars all over the country.
      The quaint and serene environment down around the college was always nice.

  18. Chris

    Love your page and your videos.

    All the best to you and yours sir.

    Abrazos from Colorful Colorado.

    • Old Biker Dude

      Somehow I missed this comment. Thanks, Chris. I hope to see Colorado in 2024

  19. Seki Begins

    My man, just saw a little something on the web about you. As a fellow biker, do what you feel like, ride safe, and most importantly have fun along the ride of life. Keep it up, i just subscribed to your Youtube, i ll be sharing your story. Now take care.

    • OldBikerDude

      Thank you, Seki. I appreciate your support very much!

  20. Kris

    Hey Dude, you’re all over Twitter!! Stay healthy and have fun and enjoy what’s comin your way

    • Old Biker Dude

      I was all over everywhere back in July. That must be how I missed this comment until now. Sorry as I try to answer all comments on all pages

  21. Vijay Nair

    Hi OldBikerDude!!! I love your content so much, I recently commented on your “Cherohala Skyway” video which got deleted by youtube but I really want to tell you.
    The way you smiled before you got out of the picture made it the most beautiful picture ever. You are an inspiration to me and I strive to be like you.
    Just look at how beautiful that picture is – https://imgur.com/ZuUmKOP
    I made it my wallpaper 🙂 – https://imgur.com/IpAECkb
    Love you internet gramps. Keep ridin’….!!!

    • OldBikerDude

      Thanks Vijay. Honored.

  22. Dorothy Canerday

    I like it when people get together and share thoughts.
    Great blog, stick with it!

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