THE ‘Tag Old Biker Dude’ GAME

Once again, WELCOME everyone to my website and thank you for visiting. I wanted to announce early on that we’re going to be starting a new game here soon that will involve everyone trying to find me on the road in my travels.

The way the game will work is I will announce on my platforms my trips in advance. Once that has been declared, members and followers can engage in a ‘hunt’ of sorts to locate me. There will be clues given in my videos on You Tube and here on the site. In addition, Patreon supporters will be given extra little tips on how they might locate me first.

We’re going to have prizes for those who tag me and some winners will be featured in a short video on You Tube shown tagging me.

It’ll be a bunch of fun, a way for people who might want to participate to get out and see some nice sights and for prospective interaction with some of my fans.

More details about the game will be posted here later and in an upcoming You Tube video.

Stay Tuned!! Or should I say…….. STAY TUBED!


Welcome to my website

As you can see, I’ve loaded my website down with content! LOL!

The truth is I just got it set up and am making edits to allow content to be shown here as well. It won’t be anything special but maybe I can have some of your content linked too and give back as much as I receive!

Thank you all for your kindness and support while I try to do techno stuff!

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